Why are hospitals struggling?

In the U.S., hospitals have been battling an uptick in infections, especially among patients with the coronavirus and in recent years in the Caribbean, where there have been fewer cases.

In New York City, the coronivirus has seen the most cases, while in Boston, there have also been more cases.

The United Kingdom has also seen a surge in infections.

The number of hospital infections in the U, the U.-S.

and the U-K has risen over the past several months, but in both the U and the UK, hospital infections have been falling.

The British government says it has reduced the number of hospitals where patients are admitted to recover from the coronovirus.

That may help alleviate some of the concerns, but there is still a huge number of people who have yet to be fully recovered.

It is a concern, said Dr. Jeffrey Gifford, the chief medical officer of the U of T Hospital System, adding that if it were to slow down, there would be no need for more hospitalizations.

But for some hospitals, it is simply not possible to increase staffing to meet the demand.

“We are seeing a large number of new cases that are being driven by the coronavet virus and our ability to manage that and respond effectively,” said Dr Brian Poulsen, chief executive of the Royal Ontario Children’s Hospital.

He noted that the number is increasing in the hospital, which is responsible for about half of the patients admitted to hospitals.

But in the longer term, “I think it’s very difficult to ramp up capacity to the levels we need,” he said.

With about 500 hospital beds in operation at some hospitals in the world, there is a significant amount of capacity that is not used.

It’s important for us to continue to work with our partners, especially in the United States, to find the right solution,” Poulson said.

He added that in the long term, the cost of dealing with the epidemic is not clear.

The Royal Ontario Hospital says it is working with the Ontario government to address the increase in hospital infections, including increasing its staffing levels.

A spokesperson said the hospital plans to increase the number in its outpatient departments and outpatient clinics and will also introduce a “crisis management program” that will allow nurses and doctors to get on the phone to patients.

While Poulsson said the rise in hospital cases is “very encouraging,” the government has said it is still “working to develop a national strategy for preventing and managing the spread of the coronaves.”