Why are people dying in the emergency room at Memorial Regional Hospital?

The medical community and advocacy groups have been urging the state to speed up construction of Memorial Regional and the other hospitals in the state’s critical-care system.

It has long been known that hospitals have long had problems with long waits and staffing shortages and have struggled to keep up with medical demand.

A review of federal and state data suggests there is little evidence that hospitals are facing a shortage.

The federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has said there are enough beds in emergency rooms nationwide to accommodate the nation’s growing demand.

The state has also sought to use a federal law to allow more beds in the hospitals.

But state lawmakers have not voted to give the state authority to set its own staffing levels.

A group of local hospitals, including Memorial and the others, have called for state action.

The governors of two other critical-health centers, Memorial Northwest and Memorial Memorial, have also expressed concerns about the health of the facilities.

In a letter to Gov.

David Ige last month, the state hospitals association said Memorial and Memorial Southwest were among those in critical-medical facilities that were facing long wait times and needed additional staffing.