Why did Baylor Hospital open its doors to Ebola patients?

Flushing, New York (CNN) – The Baylor University Medical Center in Houston is opening its doors this week to the public.

The hospital’s president said Tuesday that a handful of patients are being monitored.

He said about 70 patients will be admitted to the facility in the coming days and weeks.

“We are going to have to determine how much capacity is available and how many patients we need,” said Dr. Eric Grosse, the hospital’s executive vice president for medical affairs.

“The capacity will be determined in due course, and the final number of patients that will be in the facility will be announced soon.”

He said the hospital is working with state health officials to provide medical personnel, equipment and supplies for the patients.

“It is important to emphasize the hospital will continue to monitor the health status of all of our patients, including those who have been admitted,” he said.

“Our primary concern is the safety and well-being of our staff and patients.”

Baylor, which opened in 2005, is in a crowded neighborhood of Houston where many of the country’s hospitals are closed for the summer, with many residents in their final days of life.

The university has a large outpatient hospital, a nursing home and a pediatric intensive care unit.