Why is a hospital in Texas not listed on the national list of hospitals?

The National Hockey League has decided not to list the Griffin Hospital in Austin, Texas, in its 2017 list of the nation’s best hospitals, the league announced Thursday.

In a statement released to ESPN.com, the NHL said that it was considering a list of at least 25 hospitals across the country that “reflect the high quality of care and the impact that patients and families have on the lives of people across the United States.”

The list is meant to reflect the quality of medical care that people receive and the contributions that families make to our health system, the statement continued.

It’s not meant to replace any other list of best hospitals.

Griffin is one of the country’s most renowned and well-respected hospitals, and our members are proud of its reputation as a leader in emergency medicine and emergency medicine training.

The Griffin Hospital is not included on the list because it is located in Houston, which was not included in the top 25.